lunes, 31 de julio de 2017


Pasados los problemas de producción, esta serie sigue sin ser aceptada por muchos fans que la miran con recelo.

Quizás por que tiene poco que ver con los planes del showrunner original, Brian Fuller, tal y como ahora los revela:

Essentially, the show would start in the Discovery timeline, but then move through the eras of Kirk and Pickard, to reach a point where the franchise had never been. CBS decided that the best way to go forward would be to create a single serialized show and see how the show would perform.

This compromised Fuller’s original vision which would have been “a more heavily allegorical and complex story line”, as opposed to something more serialized.

Sobre el poder de sentir la muerte del nuevo Lt. Saru:

“It’s not a clairvoyant power that I have […] it’s more of an animal instinct, I would say, more than anything. Because on my planet where I come from, I’m prey, and it’s a bilateral food chain. Only two of a kind, predator and prey. My kind are the prey. 

So we’re built in and born into a world where we’re looking over our shoulder a lot. What comes with that fear is a protective and survival instinct. So, it kind of makes me a badass even though you think I’m a frail little species. When pushed into a corner, oh no, I can kick.”

¡Pero seguro que todo se calma cuando los fans descubran que todo un clásico como los TRIBBLES -bolitas de pelo sentientes- regresan a esta serie!

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