viernes, 21 de enero de 2022


¡Tras tres meses de espera por la consabida escasez de papel, las últimas novedades de BIG BANG COMICS ya están disponibles en la web, para descarga digital o impreso-por-encargo! 

40º Aniversario de Megaton, que visita a Ultiman, nueva aventura de Thunder Girl, que estrena uniforme, juego de rol basado en el primer cómic de Venus, y el nuevo grupo de superseres de la editorial se enfrenta a Los Spoilers.

Big Bang Adventures #13 Gary Carlson, Ron C. Williams, Scott Casper, Glenn Whitmore, Allen Forbes II Standard Comic Full Color Page Count: 32 

 Megaton’s 40th anniversary continues as he is summoned to a remote island where Ultiman, who the world thinks is dead, has been laying low since losing his superpowers years previously.

The Ultimate Human Being is concerned about some erratic behavior by his robots on the island and wants Megaton to check on the androids that are still in his sanctum in the Rocky Mountains.

Also, Thunder Girl is amazed to discover a giant squid in a fountain in the town where she lives. It turns out to be the work of an old enemy known as Hydro, who has a body formed completely out of water with a mastery of the H2O.

Finally, there is a role-playing game based on a Venus story from the very first issue of Big Bang Comics published back in 1994 by Caliber Press.

Anomalies #2 Chris Ecker, Ron Charles Williams, Gary Carlson, Glenn Whitmore Standard Comic Black & White Page Count: 20

The top-secret government team known as the Anomalies, young humans who were genetically mutated by exposure to the radioactive Element K which gave Ultiman his powers years earlier, were dropped onto an island fortress to rescue Victor Stalina (code name: Richter) who had been kidnapped by the underground organization known as T.A.R.O.T.

The Anomalies, led by Victor’s older sister Anya Stalina (a.k.a. Inertia) successfully liberated him, only to be confronted by another team of enhanced humans: Terrie O’Hara (Sweet T), Bobby Topps (Black Ice), and Billie J. Jackson (White Lightnin’), collectively known as The Spoilers.

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