martes, 28 de junio de 2016


Os selecciono unas citas de esta INTERESANTE ENTREVISTA que os recomiendo leer completa.

El baloncestista, que ya ha escrito varios libros, se revela como un gran aficionado al cómic...¡Y a Sherlock!

I wanted the wit of Matt Fraction and Brian K. Vaughn, a little of the edge of Garth Ennis, and the broad adventure of Alan Moore. Of course, who wouldn't want that. I'm happy if we got a fraction of their genius on our pages.

This Mycroft is a womanizing gambler with no direction -- until he's forced to help his country fight a devastating force of evil.

I've always enjoyed stories about characters who are forced to stop living selfishly and use their amazing abilities to help others. That transformation is exciting.

Queen Victoria has a few surprises up her royal sleeve. Mycroft is sent to America on behalf of Britain, only to be set on by assassins, the outlaw Jesse James, and thugs armed with fantastical futuristic weapons unlike anything the world has seen.

Every issue is a challenge, even for his intellect.

Esa es la magia de los aficionados a Sherlock, capaces de desarrollar un mundo entero hasta de los personajes más secundarios como Mycroft.

Definitivamente, lo leeremos.

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