miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016


El continuo spoileo diario de esta peli hoy parece centrarse en una aparición de Bizarro, lo que ya nos anunciaron hace tiempo.

“Well, you have Doomsday, right? He doesn’t just crawl out of the ground. He has his own mythology, right? So that has to be explored…”

“To us it really made sense to give [Doomsday] to the audience now. I really wanted to make the audience a promise that… though I’m super excited and happy and fulfilled by the conflict of Batman and Superman, there’s also a bigger world to start to think about.”

The Future of the DC Universe it is constantly evolving, but we’re starting to get a handle on where we’re going with the world.

That’s fun because it allows us now to be driving toward a goal that we don’t have to make up as much."

"The rules can be the rules, and the movie can exist in a closed universe… it allows us to tie things together. 

If there’s a movie over here doing this, and we’re over here doing this, now we’re all on the same page.

It allows for a coherent universe, which is important."

"I think that makes the experience a little more satisfying because we know where we’re going, so the misdirects can be stronger and the reveals can be bigger.”

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Esteban Chino Decker dijo...

Ahora se llama "otro enemigo" cuando es el mismo con otro nombre.