domingo, 3 de octubre de 2021


Estoy recibiendo una generosa suscripción a la revista en versión digital y creo más que oportuno recordar su existencia y exitosa marcha, y recomendar su compra, siendo sin duda el mejor documento que existe sobre la Edad de Oro, Plata y Bronce de los cómics, junto al magazine Back Issue, que se ocupa solo de esta última, también editado por Twomorrows.


July 2021 - 84 pages (FULL COLOR) In AE #170, it finally happens! Jack Kirby showcased cover-to-cover in an issue of Alter Ego—behind a never-before-printed Kirby cover! Will Murray on Kirby's crucial contributions to the creation of Iron Man—FCA on his Captain Marvel/Mr. Scarlet work at early-’40s Fawcett—special Kirby sections by Michael T. Gilbert & Peter Normanton—Kirby in 1960s fanzines—Stan Lee's colorful quotes about “The King”—Roy Thomas on being a Kirby fan (and occasional foil) from 1946 till today—plus other klassic Kirby sightings!


Alter Ego #169 shines its spotlight on Groovy Gary Friedrich—co-creator of Marvel's Ghost Rider! It features an in-depth interview with Roy Thomas on his and Gary’s six-decade friendship in and out of comics; Gary's wife Jean Friedrich and nephew Robert Higgerson on his later years; and Peter (From the Tomb) Normanton on GF's horror/mystery comics! With art by Ploog, Trimpe, Romita, The Severins, Ayers, et al.! Plus FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America), Michael T. Gilbert in Mr. Monster's Comic Crypt, and more! With a Ghost Rider cover by Mike Ploog! Edited by Roy Thomas.


Alter Ego #171 features Paul Gustavson—Golden Age artist extraordinaire of The Angel, Fantom of the Fair, The Arrow, The Human Bomb, The Jester, Plastic Man, Alias the Spider, Quicksilver, Rusty Ryan, Midnight, and many more—is the issue’s centerpiece as his son Terry Gustafson (nope, that “F” isn’t a typo!) talks in-depth to Richard Arndt. Lots of lush comic art from Centaur, Timely, and (especially) Quality! Plus—Roy Thomas on the controversial new bio of Stan Lee, FCA, Michael T. Gilbert, John Broome, and more!

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