lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016


Nueva entrevista, y esta vez no tiene desperdicio, pues es el propio Moore quien se pasea por su barrio explicando como cada rincón del mismo está cargado de historia y ha informado partes de JERUSALEM.

Sobre su teoría de la Eternidad:

“We’re talking here about heaven and hell, we’re talking about them as being simultaneous and present, that all the worst moments of your life forever, that’s hell; all the best moments of your life forever, that’s paradise. So, this is where we are. We’re in hell, we’re in paradise; both together, forever. I’m saying that everywhere is Jerusalem. That in an Einsteinian block universe, where all time is presumably simultaneous, then everywhere is the eternal heavenly city.”

El poder de la imaginación en nuestras vidas:

“Nearly everything is historical fact. I’d take all the angels and demons with a pinch of salt. A lot of it is actually 100 per cent materially true, but I think all of it is emotionally true. And also we are not just our bricks and mortar, we are not just our flesh and blood, we are not just our material components.

Everything in our world has got an imaginary component. As individuals, we’re always telling people the legend of us. The same goes for our houses, our streets, our towns, our country – there is a huge imaginary component to human life and if in the interests of scientific realism you ignore that, you are not describing reality."

“But science cannot measure the bit that isn’t material. Science is a brilliant tool for analysing our material universe, but science cannot talk about what is inside the human mind: it’s beyond the realm of proof, it’s beyond the realm of science. So I say they should be left to art and magic, which are pretty much the same thing.”

Y, para terminar, si, ese es ALAN MOORE caracterizado de Mandril. Forma parte de una de sus performance en la que ridiculiza los impulsos que han llevado a Gran Bretaña a realizar el Brexit:

“We’ll march on ugliness and stupidity, we’ll make loveliness compulsory, and the roar of our orchestra engines will soar evermore in a glorious, annihilating symphony, for the tyranny of beauty is our god-given duty: every child at birth is to be issued with a ukulele, given their own flag and granted absolute and utter sovereignty, and as long as it’s coloured in nicely and has an old woman on, make their own currency. 

Turn every urban address into a dripping Rousseau wilderness. We’ll keep advancing until there’s nobody not dancing. We’ll put politics in the pillory, put the art back in artillery; we can weaponise wonder, and our voice shall be as thunder… Cometh the moment, cometh the Mandrill.”

PD: No dejéis de leer la entrevista, el encuentro con el mendigo alcohólico que ve fantasmas es como salido de la obra de Moore.

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Wow,muy interesante esta nueva obra de alan moore y por cierto muy similar al comic de simon spurrier cry havoc

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