miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016


El Maestro tiene pegas para todos, incluídas algunas que no habíamos visto hasta ahora... ;-P

"You really want to ask me that? Okay alright, I'll tell ya.

I have held out such hope for that movie, because they tried to fix something of the last one, where you sit, everybody criticizes, uh, Superman practically destroys Metropolis fighting these Kryptonians when he could've taken them to the Sahara desert or to the moon or somewhere where you're not killing people, and so they're sitting there and basically saying okay, now Bruce Wayne Batman is blaming Superman for doing that, and so he wants to control him and to undo him. 

Unfortunately at the end, if we track the movie, he ends up killing him, duh! I mean it, is that the point we want to receive at the end. Now we know he's not dead, but the point is that if he challenged Superman and he's going to kill him, he kills him. It's just he uses some other weapon, ya know."

"So what has happened that's good about the move? Well, they tried to fix the previous movie. Mmmmm they didn't exactly.

They tried to do Frank Miller's Batman and they sort of did it, except it's not 20 or 30 years int the future, which is the only way you can do that movie. 

They brought it in the past so the first thing you see is Bruce Wayne with Gray in his temples. 

First thing, you don't want to see Bruce Wayne with gray in his temples. I can have gray in my temples cuz I've earned it, but he is supposed to be 29 years old. so suddenly we don't know how old he is.

Suddenly we don't know where this is taking place in the history. Suddenly we're, by solving this problem you make more problems. Now the convoluted problems that are made start affecting your plot.

Now you start asking questions like oh, who's the villain at the end (Doomsday), yeah, you throw in Doomsday and you go whoa whoa wait a second, can't we have Doomsday have his own film? We just lost that film."

"...Then we have Wonder Woman, who apparently can't do anything. I mean she doesn't do anything in the movie, she just looks good, ya know, but, and she does look very nice, those close-ups are fantastic, and she poses well, but she's got a lasso that I understand its latest power is to be able to control people, like she throws around somebody and they not only have to tell the truth but she controls them. 

Should've been the end of the movie. Wasn't, wasn't, so she was useless so why was she there?"

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