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El showrunner habla de noticias varias, desde su interés y dificultad por incluir a un personaje de Milestone como Static (hasta cierto punto, una nueva versión de Black Lightining) hasta el villano de la serie, Tobias Whale, un "Kingping" negro, o más bien albino.

Dice que el tono de la serie es más adulto que el del Arrowverse, pero que no se descartan los cross-overs con el tiempo.

“I love the idea of Static Shock, and in success, hopefully, we’ll be able to pull other characters in in that way. So I’m holding out hope because I love that character.”

“It was frustrating when people say, ‘I can’t wait to see Static in there.’ Static is a great character, but you put him in Black Lightning, he’s a sidekick, or you reduce Black Lightning to just a mentor role. I love both characters, I mean, I love Black Lighting more.”

“We talked about that, not that I have any say in it. I said early on, I said, ‘You know I’m a little tired of Black Lightning being subservient to other characters. I don’t like him teaming up with Batman and Superman. They pretty much give him orders.’ 

We could always change it later on. When it was at Fox, I said, ‘You really got to find a way to cross it over with Lucifer.’”

“The storytelling is a little bit more political. It’s topical, and it’s a little grittier. … It doesn’t mean that down the road there won’t be visits,”

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