lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017


Bombardeo de noticias de Wonder Woman, con poquitas cosas interesantes sobre la peli, para mi gusto.

Se trata de SPOILEAR lo que haga falta para conseguir interés y además CONTROLAR que partes ven los informadores manipulados en el proceso para causar la mejor impresión posible.

Así que pasamos de los spoilers y nos quedamos con estas declaraciones de la directora.

I don’t know…I think that sometimes Marvel goes for more fun and DC goes to make a more serious film, but I think there are shades of gray in all of it. 

Like I think Doctor Strange is a more serious film, [while] Suicide Squad was particularly un-light.

There are all over the place, I think there is maybe slightly more consistency in the tone in the Marvel films, recently, but I don’t think that will always stay the same way. 

I love them both, I will never stop being grateful to Marvel for wanting me to make their movie.

Hablando de por qué abandonó el encargo de dirigir Thor: The Dark World:

That’s not an obvious choice, I met them and hit it off and had great conversations about it. At the time it seemed like they could go a lot of different ways and they wanted to go the way I wanted to go.

Then things shifted and they realized they needed to go another way to fit into their universe so that wasn’t something that I find myself suited for. It was a more peaceful departure, but I’ve always had fond memories of them and I respect what they do.

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