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Muestra de un cierto declinar de la estrella de Howard en Dark Horse es que los proyectos dedicados al resto de sus personajes que no con Conan no han tenido excesivo éxito ni calidad.

Por lo cual ahora nos encontramos con un cambio de editorial por parte de la franquicia de Kull que se une a Red Sonja en lo de viajar en el tiempo:

Robert E. Howard’s legendary warrior king returns!

The evil Serpent Men have attempted to infiltrate and enslave mankind from the time of the very first humans… only to be defeated at every turn by the Elder Race’s ultimate warrior… Kull of Atlantis!

And now they must call on Kull once more, as the Serpent Men make a last-ditch gambit to first conquer America… and then the world.

Kull’s long journey has come full circle—once a small boy who fled his home of Atlantis, which was lost to a monstrous cataclysm… now a modern warrior who must save the New Atlantis from monstrous creatures!

Han optado por no volver a adaptar las historias de Howard, pero no creo yo que este enfoque vaya muy lejos...

Using the Howard-penned tale (and one of my personal favorites) ‘The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune’ as its foundation, IDW will take Kull on a journey through time… a strange journey that will combine modern conspiracies and political intrigue with the supernatural and sword and sorcery underpinnings of the warrior king’s past.

This will be Kull as he’s never been seen before… and yet as legendary as ever. A weird tale we hope is worthy of all the fantastically weird tales that have come before.

Más sobre los héroes de Howard en PULP FACTION.

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