lunes, 20 de marzo de 2017


Los superhéroes de la Edad de Oro recuperados por Dynamite regresan en lo que parece una nueva iteración sin relación con las anteriores, centrada en los muchos sidekicks de la época.

Welcome to Libertyville U.S.A.! Home of too damn many superheroes!

Watch out, crime, here comes Captain Battle Jr.! And Sparky! And Tim! Yeah, you know...Tim! What? You've never heard of them? Huh. Well, it's hard to be a sidekick when there is a city full of capes running around stopping every misdemeanor with a spandex wrapped flourish.

Now watch as things get weird when three lad companions (totally not weird) try to get to the criminals before their bosses do!

From the insanity-riddled minds of Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts) and Pete Woods (Robin, Deadpool). Prepare to feel the wrath of Tim!

Nótese donde ha terminado el gran Pete Woods. ¡Así nos va!

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