martes, 28 de febrero de 2017


Tras confirmar que veremos al dragón Shou-Lao en la serie, Finn Jones ha hablado sobre su dinámica con Luke Cage:

“I kind of feel like when you’ve got a duo like this, which is so hyped up by the fans, there’s a worry that it might be oversold, and you may be kind of trying too hard to create that spark. But, actually, between me and Mike, we get on really well; there’s a really great energy between the two of us as actors […] but then also as the characters, and the way the scenes are written, it’ll be interesting the way they’re doing it.

And it’s a real slow build, and it feels very real, and … just very dynamic and honest. Some of the ‘Defenders’ scenes with Mike have been my favorite so far.”

Jessica Henwick matiza su papel como Collen Wing:

“For me, when they approached me about Colleen, I was a little bit like, huh, do I want to play an Asian woman who does martial arts who’s a love interest? Do I want to do those three things? Because I’ve always shied away from it. In fact, I’ve shied away from playing Asian characters, if you look back I’m playing characters that have no relevance to my ethnicity.

But I reached a stage last year where I said, I want to start telling Asian stories, I want a young Asian girl to go, oh my god, that reminds me of my relationship with my mom.

So I had some concerns, and Jeph Loeb rang me and he said, ‘We’re going to take the stereotype, and we’re going to — we’re not going to avoid it, we’re going to inspect it.’ For example, she is, I don’t know how many episodes you’ve seen, she’s a martial artist, she fights in fight cages, we’ve seen that before.

What happens when you become addicted to that? What happens when you can only talk with your fists and you struggle to communicate on any other level and you’ve become addicted to fighting? So we’ve taken this stereotype and we’ve said, OK, what is the actual realism in it? You know? Which was interesting to me.”

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