lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017


En este temprano poema un joven Lovecraft lamenta la desaparición de los Dioses Olímpicos en la conciencia de la gente, reemplazado por la "nueva" fe cristiana, que a la par ha a acabado por DESENCANTAR el mágico mundo de las leyendas griegas.

Olympian gods! how can I let ye go,
And pin my faith to this new Christian creed?
Can I resign the deities I know,
for him who on a cross for man did bleed?

How in my weakness can my hopes depend
On one lone god, tho' mighty be his pow'r?
Why can Jove's host no more assistance lend,
To Soothe my pain, and cheer my troubled hour?

Are there no dryads on these wooded mounts
O'er which I oft in desolation roam?
Are there no naiads in these crystal founts
Or nereids upon the ocean foam?

Fast spreads the new; the older faith declines;
The name of Christ resounds upon the air;
But my wrack'd soul in solitude repines
And gives the gods their last-received pray'r.

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