viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015


Phil Klemmer, Showrunner, explica como funcionan los viajes en el tiempo y el lugar para la comedia entre los personajes:

"We do construct a sort of rule on our show. If you kill me right now with a hatchet, the rest of the team on the show can't go back in time and stop you from hitting me with a hatchet. The rule is that you can't interfere with events that that you participated in.

That creates a time paradox and black hole and horrible things happen. We want to keep those tensions alive so when our characters are in moments of mortal peril that they do have consequences -- that it's not like 'Groundhog Day' and we'll start over tomorrow."

“We just sort of found when you combine this eclectic group of heroes and villains, and you put them in the thrilling and preposterous conceit of being on a time-traveling spaceship, the tone kind of has to match the amplification of the characters and the tone.

Our show, it’s funny to me. The only way to leaven a team trying to save the world and an immortal bad guy who destroys it is by having really funny character moments. You can’t put these eight guys in a room without cracking jokes, you know.”

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