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Interesantes declaraciones sobre su personaje y como se documenta:

This Vulture is somewhat of a victim. He takes things in that he feels like a victim, and some of it is justified actually. He believes that there’s an upper echelon of society of people who are getting away with a lot and have everything.

And there’s a whole lot of folks who are working hard, and don’t have much. Does that sound familiar? To anybody, given the political climate? Which I think is an interesting way to go about this.

He wants to look out for his kids. He’s got sort of a Tony Soprano mentality. He doesn’t have these big delusions of grandeur where he wants to take over the world, or replace the government, or even defeat the Avengers or anything.

He just wants to… he wants his shot at the good life, and he thinks it’s not fair that someone like Tony Stark can make a fortune selling weapons and find the light, turn away from that, and be looked upon as a hero and then even worse, help found – as you’ll see – he gets paid to clean up the mess… 

So he’s one of those guys. ‘I’m doing some shady stuff, but I’m not really hurting anyone,’ you know?

Sobre el Tinkerer:

He’s real funny, so we goof around a lot and make up very, very funny backstories. But they’re funny but then you think, ‘Well, that’s probably their relationship.

They probably get on each other’s nerves sometimes.’ I have a lot of the ideas and then I just say, “Go make that. Go make that for me. I want to have a thing that does all this stuff. Just go make that stuff for me.” And he’s great. I’m having a lot of fun in that relationship.

Sobre si se ha documentado sobre el Buitre:

I barely know who the Joker is.

I’ll tell you my source though. There’s two little girls of a gal who used to work for me. I check in with them. One’s eight and the other one is eleven or twelve.

So when I have to ask a question about all that stuff, I text ’em. They fill me in on who’s who. [Laughs] That’s my research.

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