domingo, 30 de abril de 2017


I really like all the Warner Bros. movies, I think they’re really cool and I’m not a real tough critic on those movies. But one of the flaws might have been they were introducing too many characters in Suicide Squad. 

They spent 10 minutes telling us why should we care about these characters, rather than creating trilogies for each character and convincing us to care about the characters.

It’s like hardwood. They grew it really slowly so it’s strong. They didn’t create The Avengers first. They did Iron Man. And they tested it to make sure it worked. 

Then they did [Iron Man II] and [Iron Man III], then they did Cap, and then they did Thor. And they created a thirst for these characters, and that’s when they put them in The Avengers.

It’s really [frick]ing hard to do, and it’s kind of a miracle that anyone’s got it right. You know? 

So. I think it comes down to Kevin [Feige], his filmmakers, and ultimately, me, playing Star-Lord.

No creo yo que toooodos los miembros de Suicide Squad necesiten trilogías propias -tampoco las tuvieron los propios Guardianes de la Galaxia-, pero ciertamente Pratt acierta en resaltar que el ATROPELLO a la hora de establecer un Universo fílmico no va a ningún lado.

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