lunes, 24 de abril de 2017


La modelo de pin-ups, que ya inspirase un personaje en Rocketeer, regresa ahora como protagonista de su propìo título...

Like a lot of people my age, I 'discovered' Bettie Page through comics, when Dave Stevens used her to inspire the ingénue starlet of The Rocketeer. 

She's such a compelling, iconic figure, with such a fascinating life story, that I was thrilled when Dynamite Senior Editor Joe Rybandt asked me if I could build a comic book mini-series around her.

After a lot of research into the life and times of Bettie, I chose to put her in Hollywood at the start of the fifties and the beginning of her modeling career. 

It's all fictional, of course, but it's built on some corners of her real biography, and the real history of the time. I hope I've made my fictional Bettie as funny, as sweet, as sharp, as tough, and as delightful as the real one.

En el grupo PULP FACTION, todos somos chic@s Pin-up...

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