sábado, 15 de octubre de 2016


La veterana actriz, que debuta como Presidenta en Supergirl, tiene claro a quien quiere en el Despacho Oval y en quien se inspiró para el papel:

"The first thing you hear when you travel is people asking you, ‘has America lost its mind?'

I understand that people want change, but change just for change sake isn’t a good thing. 

You don’t hire the snake oil salesman to run your company. You don’t hand over your keys to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.”

“I used Hillary to prepare. I saw the way she can be warm and funny and inviting and serious.”

“Hillary is much more human than Wonder Woman .She has flaws, but we are all flawed and we learn from our mistakes.”

“I think she is a role model in the way she has paved the way for women,”

Sobre el valor de Wonder Woman como modelo de comportamiento:

“The reason [Wonder Woman] existed in the first place was that, when she came on the scene [in 1941], there was nothing for girls to look up to. We’re still fighting the same fight.

We still need more female role models.
But Wonder Woman is much more than a cartoon character. She’s fighting for truth and justice and the secret self that exists in all women and girls.”

Y sobre Wonder Woman como icono de la comunidad gay (ya antes de cambiar su sexualidad...):

“I’ve been on the front lines of this issue for 40 years. I’ve been standing with and united with the gay community. I know so many gay men and women that homophobia is such a baffling thing for me.

That’s where the real ‘Wonder Woman’ in me comes out, and I want to bop [homophobes] upside the head and go, ‘Get a grip. Get over yourself already.'”

Esperamos con ganas su llegada a la serie de Supergirl, un detallito más de lo bien que lo están haciendo estos señores.

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