domingo, 14 de febrero de 2016


Hay insistencia por buena parte de fans para que Superman haga acto de presencia en la serie de su prima, encarnado por su último actor televisivo.

Tom Welling, con muy buen criterio, no se anima a hacerlo, destacando las semejanzas de tono de las series. Y en efecto, buena parte del problema que ahora tiene Superman es TOTALMENTE culpa del oscurecimiento del personaje en Smallville.

"The success of 'Smallville' is directly correlated to 'The Flash' or 'Arrow' -- that genre that Warner Bros has been able to do. I do feel proud that it started with us, but it wasn't just because of us.

I think technology and timing -- we were suddenly able to do things in television that were, until then, only available in film because of how expensive they were.

So we were lucky to be able to have that timing. A lot of the people who worked on 'Smallville,' it's a lot of the same crew on 'Supernatural,' 'The Flash,' 'Arrow.'"

When it came to "Supergirl," however...I do enjoy it. It's got a different angle, a more comedic angle, of course. 

It's telling the story in a different way, and I don't think it's a world that I ever existed in with Clark because they're two different shows. 

There's really nothing in common, there are no parallels at all. I say that being a fan of what they're doing. I think they're doing a great job."

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